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The World’s Most Romantic Game is Persona 3 Portable

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  1. Anthony

    That picture of Mitsuru and Minako is awesome. Mitsuru and Yukari don’t easily lend themselves to yuri fiction, but with Mitsuru and the FeMC, I’ve been wondering how it could work recently. Mitsuru may only be able to be handled by one person on Earth, and that is the MC/FeMC. The boys can’t do it, pbbft*! And is that Yukari in the background angry at Mitsuru, because she wanted the FeMC all to herself? Or is she just getting all freaked out, at two girls kissing/going to kiss? (Yukari couldn’t handle kissing a girl. She can’t even handle guys, thanks to her mom’s proclivities, never mind a relationship that many people are going to think is inappropriate. If kissing a guy makes her freak out, the thought of dating a girl is going to send her right up the wall of freaking out! 😀 Yeah, Minato got through, but if he hadn’t come along, would she ever have broken that streak of letting her mom’s actions define her relationships with guys?)

    *Minato can handle her, but he’s different.

    (Psst, I like that drawing of Maya too. I always thought she and Minato should have hooked up at the end of the game. 😉 Ironically, the cougar who should be out of his league is the best match for him. Yukari’s too…dramatic, Mitsuru is too sophisticated – he can handle her, but I don’t necessarily think they should be together, and Aigis is a robot. u_u Little Fuuka is too shy, so she’s not even an option for me. :P)

    October 5, 2013 at 6:11 am

  2. PersonaLover

    wow really? *sharing headphones is have sex in persona*? 0___0 oook…
    The one of the most touching in portable female social link is Ken..(in my opinyon) Come on…Ken even promised Mshe or Minako to wait for him to grow up and buy what ever she like..And at the end she died on his lap?! POOR HIM! first Mother,Shinji and now Mshe?! I felt bad about Ken..And I ship Mshe and Ken in my opinyon :3

    February 12, 2015 at 10:58 am

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