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Let’s Play! Dragon Age II! Parts 1-10! No Commentary!

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  1. If there were Like-Buttons, I’d have button-mashed my way thgrouh the comment section! Great observations on lots of topics!A few thoughts:I think DA2 is quite balanced in terms of male/female NPCs in positions of power, evil NPCs, insane NPCs, etc. Compared to other RPGs (the Gothic series especially) that’s a huge plus from where I stand.As Denis mentioned in a comment further up, DA2 doesn’t employ the commodity model of sex, like Origins did (or my pet worst example, The Sims). Your relationship (I romanced only Anders so far) has ups and downs, and you can’t just “give them gifts until they give in”. I really loved that. I played my mage as a proud, witty woman who doesn’t take shit from no one, is deeply loyal to her friends, but also has a strong sense of right and wrong. (Quite like I am, or want to be, except that I’m still working on the not taking shit from anyone-part.)Anders’ romance was really much more bitter than sweet for me, because you can’t reason with him (at least I had no luck whatsoever); it reminded me of how women (traditionally) would follow their male lovers blindly into a dead end, regardless of how wrong it all feels, no matter the consequences. It’s a gender cliche9, but it still often holds true in real life… and I am usually quite adamant that I wouldn’t be one of those women, ever.But, if you forgive me for merging with my Hawke for a moment: “Anders used me, and while he may have truly loved me, he made me do things that I will never forgive myself. What he did was wrong, despite all the oppression we mages faced, but I couldn’t let go of him. I did it all for love.” In other words: I took really big shit for my love. (And in yet other words: Is my Hawke a fool, or could it be… I?) I tried to turn him down when he asks for help, and his reaction was quite pathetic – “I’ve always been alone”. So I reverted to the other savegame and became his partner in crime, unwillingly, and none the wiser until things went boom (both in and out of character, I must admit).In the last part of the game, while I thought that Meredith’s being insane due to the idol was a trite and cheap trick (and questionable on different levels as mentioned in the OP), I really wished and hoped that someone would reveal to me (or to the Seeker in the epilogue) that it hadn’t been Anders’ fault. I wished that, despite knowing enough about RPGs to tell that this was the final boss fight, I’d get a chance to redeem him. Make it right somehow.I’ve pondered this since finishing (an hour or so ago), I feel that Anders went out of character, somewhere in the middle of the plot (contrary to Bishop in NWN, whose betrayal felt totally in-character; as did Sebastian’s refusal to stand by Hawke), and subsequently the game forced me to go out of character myself, so I could finish it. It was the same in DA:O with the ritual (I didn’t touch the game for a week). It’s not that I can’t handle tough decisions (I could handle them in Mass Effect and The Witcher, with their profound consequences, regret, and all that entailed), but Dragon Age seems to force it for my taste, for the second time in a row. In DA2 it sort of snapped me out of my immersion in the game, characters, story and especially the romance, and I never “found my way back in” until the credits rolled.I wonder what will happen with Anders’ legacy in possible DLCs/expansions. And I’m afraid that the immersion-breaking decisions will get greater in number or impact in ME3 or further (BioWare) games.I’d love to hear how you all feel about Anders and what happened in your game regarding him!

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