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Musical Madness 2011 Extended to July 16th!


That’s right, we’re extending the deadline to July 16th! Mainly because no one submitted anything but really mainly because I haven’t put up all the hints! Will they even help?? Who knows! Have a hint coin!

HINT COIN #0007: Track 14 is SEGAAAA. Track 15 is like a raven and a writing desk. Track 16 is big.

Rescue the Princess! – #0010! Let’s Just Get On To Other M! Short Version!

Short, edited version of podcast ten! Sorry for the desync in audio! BLAME IT ON OTHER M. Or rather, “Let’s Just Get On To Other M”! That’s right, it’s the Metroid episode (mainly Metroid Prime and…OTHER M)! Another Nintendo-focused podcast?? What’s up with that? Rescue the Princess talks about this classic series and the aftermath of OTHER M, GREATEST METROID EVER MADE! Special guest: Ian!

Super spoilers for:

  • Metroid
  • Metroid II: Return of Samus
  • Metroid Fusion
  • Metroid Prime
  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
  • Metroid: Other M

Enthusiastically edited by Lost Link. Best wishes to IGN.

HINT COIN #0006: Track 08 is from a dragon-filled saga. Track 09 changes the nature of a man. Track 10 makes one want to shout into the DS mic. Track 11 is god from intro. Track 12 is from another series killed off by Square-Enix. Track 13 is a homunculus’ theme.

The Phatty PS3 is Dead, Long Live the Slim

Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle PS3 cannot even be saved by Solid Snake

80 gigabytes
beautiful black with BC
blinks a deathly red

[b-rock hates consoles.]

HINT COIN #0005: Track 06 rooms with angels. Track 07 is so spartan.

Lost Link’s Fantastic E3 Review

tomb raider

Lost Link reviews E3 and all its glorious gaming Newspeak!


Rescue the Princess! Weekly: #00001 – E3 2011

New feature: Rescue the Princess Weekly podcast! Random rants about anything! But wait, this time it’s focused because of E3 2011! What does RtP think about the show? Not a whole lot, to be honest! Also watch 2/3rds of Rescue the Princess plus more eat sushi and sandwiches!

Opening music jacked from “8-bit Escape from L.A. Theme”. Erotically edited by b-rock.

HINT COIN #0004: Track 04 involves running. Track 05 was at VGL 2011.

Rescue the Princess! – #BONUS STAGE! Anime North 2011! SO INTENSE!!!

BONUS STAGE podcast! Rescue the Princess at Anime North 2011! Maybe you saw us there? Starring b-rock as Naoto Shirogane of Persona 4, Lost Link as Sissel of Ghost Trick…with special guests Seagz as Big Boss in Tuxedo Skin of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Bernie as Sailorman of Navyland! It’s the recap episode as we go into downtime to recover from our adventures! b-rock is HATLESS! Lost Link wears a HAT! Cooleto didn’t go! And Seagz is SUITED UP! Watch 2/3rds plus one of Rescue the Princess drink over the course of an hour and see the many clips and pixxx we took of the COSPLAYS at the con! Marvel at our commentary and knowledge gleaned from this experience! Weep for Lost Link’s car!


Rescue the Princess! @ Anime North 2011

Opening music jacked from “8-bit Escape from L.A. Theme”. Erotically edited by b-rock.

HINT COIN #0003: Track 02 is from a game based on Norse mythology. Track 03 is ROCK.