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Rescue the Princess! – #0010! Let’s Just Get On To Other M! Short Version!

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  1. I allowed myself to be worried there when I read the comment on the video (OTHER M, GREATEST METROID EVER MADE) but almost immediately realized that there was no other possibility than that this was a joke.

    Yes, they kind of needed a new gimmick for the weapons, but a better one than we got in Other M.

    “Hey Samus, it hot in there, in the lava area?”
    “Yes! I’ve been losing a shit ton of hp here!”
    “Okay, have fun.”
    “Can I turn on my fire-resistance?”
    “Noooope. Not in the budget.”
    “I’m gonna freaking die!”
    “Hey, Samus, buddy… How ya doing?”
    “The f**k it look like I’m do-”
    “Great, hey, you should probably turn on that suit.”

    Another problem I had with that one was that the ‘free roam’ of the other Metroid games was seriously limited. I know, Fusion locked down a bit, but at least in Fusion you could find most of the secrets and collect most (sorry, all) of the items BEFORE the game ended. What’s the point of having a bunch more power bombs after the game is over?

    Tacking on the other faults you pointed out, I’ll just add that the positive element I could find for this game was the combat system. It was pretty fun dodging around and shooting dudes point-blank in the face, and pretty nerve-wracking switching quickly from third to first-person shooting.

    Overall, it’s pretty faulty, yet can still be enjoyable if you’re willing to look past the faults.

    August 3, 2011 at 9:46 pm

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  3. So it’s ok that women are underrepresented, beaucse women are the weaker sex? Really? First of all, we’re discussing video games here. It’s a fictional media. Especially with the number of scifi- and fantasy-themed games out there, there is no reason to cling to realism as an excuse for gender imbalance. Secondly, we’ve got a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem here in terms of the weaker sex argument. Men trend physically stronger than women, yes, but it’s actually just that it’s *easier* for men to develop physical strength. Women who choose to devote the time and effort to it can be just as strong, pound for pound, as a man in their same weight class. However, women are definitely not encouraged to be strong in the same way that men are; most workout guides for women actually emphasize NOT developing visible muscles or bulking up . So women are discouraged from visible displays of physical strength, reinforcing the perception that men are always stronger than women, reinforcing gender norms that paint women as weaker, leading back to discouraging women from developing physical strength, etc. You end up with a self-enforcing perception of women as weaker than men, which makes a great justification for keeping women out of male-dominated professions and the representations thereof, as in video games. That doesn’t make it right.Re: L4D, I didn’t necessarily like Zoey all that much either as a character although I liked her line about calling zombie bullshit beaucse the zombies moved too damn fast. But she *is* a female playable character, which is all too rare, so mentioned she must be. I’ll agree though that I’d love to see more characters like Samus. She’s awesome. Period.

    September 15, 2015 at 8:22 pm

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