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Musings of Mudora VIII: The Simple Beauty of Journey


Journey is the new downloadable game on the PSN developed by thatgamecompany. It’s $14.99, takes a few hours to beat, and is one of the best experiences I’ve had in a video game. You play as a traveler in a desert, making your way to a shining mountain in the distance. What got me interested in this game in the first place was the art style. The lighting, shadows and simplicity of the environments are just…wonderful. There isn’t much in regards to gameplay. You can walk and look around and with the aid of your glowing scarf, jump into the air. You can collect pieces of light that add to your scarf allowing you to jump and float for longer periods of time.


Mass Effect Hate Machine!

Rescue the Princess! jumps on the bandwagon to discuss the ending of Bioware’s Mass Effect 3. Lost Link and b-rock discuss why it fails as an ending and what could have been.

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Mass Effect Hype Machine!

First audio-only podcast from RtP! b-rock and Lost Link discuss the pros and cons of Bioware’s Mass Effect series up to this point! What are the potentials of the choice/consequence system in regards to telling a good story OVER MULTIPLE GAMES? Will Mass Effect 3 live up to our elitist standards?

Watch out, ME1 and ME2 spoilers!