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Mass Effect Hype Machine!

First audio-only podcast from RtP! b-rock and Lost Link discuss the pros and cons of Bioware’s Mass Effect series up to this point! What are the potentials of the choice/consequence system in regards to telling a good story OVER MULTIPLE GAMES? Will Mass Effect 3 live up to our elitist standards?

Watch out, ME1 and ME2 spoilers!

Let’s Play! Dragon Age II! Parts 1-10! No Commentary!

Part 1 – Intro of ACTION!

It’s the intro! A sexy dwarf interrogated, a sexy Seeker interrogating, and so the legend of the Champion of Kirkwall begins! HEY, SPOILERS FOR THE ENTIRE GAME FROM HERE ON! Hit the jump for the rest!


Let’s Play! Dragon Age II!

Rescue the Princess! b-rock plays Bioware’s “Dragon Age II” from start to finish! That’s right, the entire game! Only showing dialogue and cutscenes though! Maybe some fights if it’s really important! Here’s the preamble! Keep an eye out on our Youtube channel or our own Let’s Play Dragon Age II page for the rest!