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Let’s Play! Warhammer 40K Dawn of War II: Retribution! What a Long Title!

b-rock plays the Warhammer 40K Dawn of War II: Retribution expansion campaign…for the Imperial Guard! WATCH OUT, there be SPOILERS for all the games before! Commentary by b-rock! Like all Let’s Plays, two versions of every video will be put up: one with commentary and one without so you have options! Keep an eye on the Rescue the Princess Youtube channel for further videos!


Finding Yoshi’s Cookie – I: Gameplay vs. Story


Circumstance 1. I have yet to find all of the hundreds of stars in Mario Galaxy 2. I have one left to get and it’s a daredevil multi-course speed run. Every time cloud Mario gets shocked and dies on the floor, tears seep from my eyes. Not because I feel for this plumber, but because I want to get that last star and look awesome while doing it.



Rescue the Princess! – Podcast #0001!

This is the first videocast but not really! Disjointed arguments about nothing in particular! Yeah! Get it in mp3 here or here! End of video cuts off! WHY?? Download instead of streaming if you want the BRILLIANT ending!

Music jacked from “8-bit Escape from L.A. Theme”.