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Niconico Chokaigi 2014: Sumo, Knights and Zombies!


Mostly I’ve been attending conventions to film the cosplay scene but Niconico was an event I wasn’t even sure had cosplay. I heard about it from a friend and looking it up online I could only discern that it was an event aimed at making people smile. So I decided to check it out and soon discovered that not only was there cosplay but also many, many other things to see. Most Japanese conventions are largely spectacle with big booths to check out upcoming attractions and buy merchandise. While they’re not nearly as social as America’s, it’s still fun to check out the interesting displays. And that’s where Niconico surpassed all of the Japanese events I’ve attended thus far.



Shadow Chie x Shadow Yukiko by caria0

It’s also Lost Link’s birthday but who cares because all he played was Persona 4 and no other Megaten. Also Yukiko can’t compare to Teddie, NOT ONE BIT.

Click pic for SUPER big sexy res. Artwork by caria0.