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The Phatty PS3 is Dead, Long Live the Slim

Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle PS3 cannot even be saved by Solid Snake

80 gigabytes
beautiful black with BC
blinks a deathly red

[b-rock hates consoles.]

HINT COIN #0005: Track 06 rooms with angels. Track 07 is so spartan.

Finding Yoshi’s Cookie – II: 16 Moves

An Ode to Tetris

15 moves

yellow, purple, light blue, red,
green, orange, green, light blue,
dark blue, orange, yellow, yellow,
orange, dark blue, light blue


[Cooleto wrote this poem while waiting for his Visa to come in the mail.]

Portraits of the Princess – IV: Justice Lies With Princesses

Talking-Jive's Yggdra of Yggdra Union

fools cannot pronounce
behind you an army follows
the front is lonesome

Click pic for big sexy res. Artwork by Talking-Jive aka Emily Costello.