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Rambles in the Mist – XII: Thus Ends Black History Month 2011

Jacob Taylor, Black Man in Space

Pictured: least emotionally distraught/batshit insane character from Mass Effect 2.


The World’s Most Romantic Game is Persona 3 Portable


Whether you play as a girl or a boy, you can love up everyone and that’s what matters most.


Gaming’s 5 Most Attractive (And Rejected) Stalkers

Lezard Valeth, the Edward Cullen of Videogames

It is a truth commonly known that the best of the best tales of romance contain wild obsession and attempted rape and murder, from Apollo and Daphne to Les Miserables to Twilight to the greatest tale of all, WALL-E; videogames are no exception. But in celebration of Singles Awareness Day, let us not read about those who were successful in their pursuits! Let us read about those who tried yet inexplicably failed, despite their personal beauty, charisma, and insanity!


Portraits of the Princess – VIII: But Thou Must Adventure!

King Cheddar's Lady Lora and the HERO of Dragon Quest

you cannot refuse
she persists with her command
how sisyphean

Click pic for big sexy res. Artwork by KingCheddarXVII.