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MGSV: The Phantom Pain Story Analysis

It’s the MGSV podcast and the gang discusses the storytelling or lack thereof within the game.

Musings of Mudora XIV: A Fluctuating Banner


I haven’t had this much fun pointing and clicking since my childhood days playing Myst. But while I was often utterly alone on a mysterious island back then, in The Banner Saga I’m in command of a sprawling caravan journeying across an expansive land where the sun has stopped moving in the sky. As the leader of both men and Varl (giant badass horned viking people) I must make decisions that, more often than not, mean the difference between life and death for my people.


Happy Valentine’s Day from Rescue the Princess!

Jin Kisaragi and Kimmy Howell, drowning away their sorrows while Lilith rejoices

Drink 2011’s Singles Awareness Day away with other such sexy singles!

Click pic for SUPER big sexy res. Artwork by caria0.

Musings of Mudora – II: Speaking of Metal Gear…


It’s the stealth. The situation. The feel of it. MGS is one of the first truly interactive forms of entertainment. It immerses you into the role of the protagonist in Kojima’s feature film. The characters you meet along the way, the setting, the things you learn, all come together in a solid (no pun intended) package (no pun here either) that provides an intuitive gameplay system that works.