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Portraits of the Princess – XIV: An Uncharted Persia

CrazySharly's Elika and the Prince

reckless leap again
hand pulls me from the abyss
my barefoot savior

Click pic for big sexy res. Artwork by CrazySharly.

Musings of Mudora – III: Women in Games; Blast from the Past


So in my eighteenth century literature class we talked a lot about women and how they were treated pretty poorly, what with their husbands ruling them like kings, and having them restricted to non-thinking and non-talking activities. One of my favorite things was this laughably bad women’s “conduct” book (obviously written by a male) which literally instructed women on how to behave in various situations. I think my favorite quote came in a section informing women on what to do, should they catch their husbands doing something wrong. You know, maybe you caught him sneaking sweets before dinner, or macking on some lass outside, or punching an old man in the ear. Whatever the case, the gist of the rule is to “Do not seem to look or hear that way“.